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Colin Hay
Born in 1947 near Edinburgh, Scotland. After Secondary School gained entrance to Edinburgh College of Art. Attended there from Oct. 1965 to June 1970 during which time became interested in using the airbrush as an illustration tool.

Before leaving College in June 1970 made a trip to London with my folio and made contact with John Spencer of 'Young Artists' who from then on represented me. Around this time began to see the incredible illustrations by Chris Foss which became a major influence on my own illustration.

My first illustration was the cover for BEST OF NEW WORLDS 7, an anthology by Michael Moorcock. LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, LATHE OF HEAVEN, THE SUN GROWS COLD and WAR AGAINST THE RULL were from the early 1970's.

Later on in the decade Alison Eldred took over from John Spencer at 'Young Artists'. From July 1970 to present day: Various jobs as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator. May 1974 to September 1977 full-time Freelance Illustrator. An illustration from this time which was highly regarded was TOWER OF GLASS – book by Robert Silverberg.

My own favourite series of illustrations were for books by John Wyndham: THE SECRET PEOPLE, STOWAWAY TO MARS, SLEEPERS OF MARS and WANDERERS OF TIME from 1976. Gave up Sci-Fi illustration in 1980. 'Young Artists' continued to sell my existing work on a second rights basis to publishers in Europe, Scandinavia, United States, Canada and Japan. My illustrations also appeared in the well known TTA books. In the 1980s the magazine OMNI published a number of my works.

SURVIVAL KIT appeared as a front cover. A frequent buyer of my work for re-use in their own range of titles was the French publisher 'Fleuve Noir'. Unfortunately all my work was done using the same media therefore it's all affected by the non-light fast ink problem. A mistake in retrospect, but I thought of them at the time as work purely for reproduction. 'Young Artists' did sell a couple of originals to collectors who seemed happy to store them. In recent years there was quite a bit of interest in my originals and I've sold a number to collectors in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and England. I now paint and in recent years wrote and recorded several CDs of my own songs using the name Boris Boogaloo.

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